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Broadband Internet access for your IP Streaming

Streaming IP

Sometimes audiovisual broadcast projects take place in a complex environment, with very restrictive or even unpredictable deadlines, where standard DSL or 3G/4G services do not meet the requirements specified by the client.

Wherever you go, with our IP Streaming service you will get the most powerful and innovative Occasional Internet solutions, bringing any content from and to the field, adapted to any of your projects, no matter where the action takes place.

At EventoIP we have designed a fully customizable service portfolio in order to meet the most demanding connectivity specs from our clients. Everything is based in a powerful, flexible and innovative satellite platform capable of delivering cost effective and high throughput services, in a hourly basis, to let you broadcast your IP Streaming content wherever you are, whenever you need.


  • 100% guaranteed bandwidth with no data transfer limit
  • Extended European coverage
  • Pay per use in an hourly and daily basis
  • Easy deployment
  • From 1Mbps up to 5Mbps upstream/downstream

Usual applications

  • Cinema and TV productions: Wi-Fi, VoIP and Internet
  • Video and Audio contribution / Concerts, Sport events, IP Streaming
  • Occasional communications for Defense and Security
  • Webstreaming, data contribution to Internet or CDN
  • High quality upstreams and videoconferences

For more information contact us here or calling to (+34) 931 999 384.


Occasional Broadband Internet made for you.
Pay per use, no initial investment, immediate deployment, 100% coverage.

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